Want to save a ton of time and become your tax preparer's favorite client? 

Everlance now lets you connect directly with your accountant. Eliminate the back and forth by inviting your accountant to Everlance and giving them data access through the app. 

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Here is how you can invite your accountant 

  • Click on “Invite Accountant” on home screen
  • Enter in your accountant's email 
  • They will be notified and on-boarded by the Everlance team 
  • Your accountant's information will now populate in your Tax Center

If you notice a few days have passed and have not seen a confirmation email from your tax preparer, just send them a gentle reminder so you can get going with your taxes. They'll thank you later and your tax bill could be lower because of it!

connect accountant

Once your accountant has accepted your as their client through Everlance, you will see their profile on your app and they will have access to your records for a quick turn around on your taxes this year! 

If your accountant has any questions, please have them contact our dedicated support team at support@everlance.com

Team Everlance